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One of the great things about Missouri is the abundance of public hunting land. Most of it gets hunted fairly hard during rifle season, but you will find that you have peace and quiet during bow season, and you will be able to observe deer in their natural travel patterns. That is not to say that you will be alone. More and more people are figuring this out, and you are likely to see license plates on trucks from the Eastern US in the parking lots at the public hunting area, but if you are willing to do some walking and spend the time to learn the areas, you can find some great hunting. And in many cases if you are willing to carry a stand in, and drag a deer out, you will find that there is a little hunting pressure once you get more than 3/4 of a mile from the road.
The state of Missouri has a small percentage of the sales tax dedicated to the outdoors, which creates a treasure chest of funds for hunters and fishermen. That is one of the reason for the abundance of public land. The Missouri Department of Conservation has been aggressive in aquiring new hunting and fishing lands, and bowhunters are one of the biggest benficiaries. To find soome of this public land, click this link:

It will take you to the MDC website which has a wealth of information and maps of the public hunting land. This is a 2300-acre peice of ground that is bowhunting only, and has a fishing lake. It’s a good example of what is available. I have also included a link to the map of the area. This is but one example of the dozens of areas available to hunters. Click on the upper left corner of the page in the link I gave you above to change areas, and look at a few of them. Once you familiarize yourself with the area, you can start to pick out good looking sports for a treestand. Then go to Google Earth and see how it looks in the aerial photos. You are well on your way to shooting a nice Missouri buck!

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